Eurolaser pioneered a database of all manufacturers and distributors for every brand and product and have been perfecting the system, which we call the VIRTUAL WAREHOUSE, since 1990. Others have tried to imitate, but our company was built around this concept.

Because of our rapid delivery times, frequently down to a two-hour maximum for urgent orders, our customers can work smarter and plan more effectively.

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And there’s another thing. We believe that our business works best on personal contact.

We don’t use voicemail on our telephone system, nor do we intend to install it. We enjoy seeing our customers face to face.
Someone who understands your business and the need for prompt action will always be at hand to answer your call.

In fact, we are so confident that we will out-perform your current suppliers on stock alone, that we invite you to test us out on your range of products, not leaving out all the difficult specialist items. We think you will be impressed.

So, we have your products and they are in stock. How quickly do you want them delivered? Within 2 hours? Next morning? That’s up to you, anything is possible if it’s urgent.