Technical Contractors

Eurolaser can supply your company with technicians that possess the appropriate skills and the required certifications to fit all your service needs.

The technicians are available at an hourly rate based on their certifications and years of experience. Eurolaser provides special discounted rates for half day, full day, weekly, monthly, or on a project basis.

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Eurolaser can customise a service program to fit your company’s needs. Some of our customers plan to utilise our technicians on a regular basis.

These customers service requirements range from companies that commit to a regularly scheduled technician once a month to a few customers that have more than ten Eurolaser technicians on site on a permanent basis. Our customers appreciate the stability and the consistent supply of resources we provide them. They value the ability to obtain the same technicians each time they require temporary help.

The fact that we can provide the same technicians means that there is no lost productivity because our technicians arrive armed with the knowledge of the customer’s environment that they gained in their previous visits.